Our Government Affairs Services

Are you in the game or on the sidelines?

Developing a Winning Approach and Building a Platform for Success

Our firm successfully assists a broad array of clients. We develop strategies and programs to win passage of legislation, modify regulations and establish allies to support public policy objectives. The diversity of our clients’ interest range among many issues. They often include dealing with appropriations, education, business, transportation, agriculture, economic development, environmental and energy policy, local governmental matters and health care, among others. As a result of our experience and skill in providing government affairs services, TFG is able to work with our clients to identify and plan for various legislative directions and outcomes and to respond accordingly.

Our primary goal is to establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship that promotes open communication and active participation by all team members. Together, issues are defined, objectives are established and the proper strategy is developed to ensure success.

The TFG team is highly qualified with unequaled expertise and a proven track record of success. Our government affairs services include:

  • Designing and Implementing Successful Government Relations and Business Development Strategies for Clients.
  • Assisting Clients with Navigating and Managing the Politics of the Legislative Process.
  • Developing and Executing Coordinated, Comprehensive Work Plans for Clients.
  • Providing Up-to-Date, Continuous Information to Clients in a Timely and Effective Manner.
  • Building Coalitions with Key Organizations who Share our Clients’ Interests.
  • Providing Essential Analysis and Advocacy Services at Every Level of Government.
  • Facilitating Meetings and Appearances for Clients with Key Decision Makers Throughout the State of Florida and Beyond.
  • Knowing the Issues and Identifying Opportunities on Behalf of Our Clients.

Our relationships will help you form the necessary alliances:

Local Government Relations • State Government Relations • Federal Government Relations • Funding Support • State and Federal Agency Relations • Business Development • Community Relations Services • Business to Business • Multi-State Monitoring • Tracking Services 

Our team also offers a wealth of experience and knowledge on a wide variety of public policy and private sector issues.

Over the years, our team has successfully advocated for numerous projects and policy initiatives. These issues include:

Transportation and Infrastructure

Maritime and Ports


Education (Primary and Higher Education)

Banking and Insurance

Real Estate/Land Use

Local Government



Health Care

Public-Private Partnerships

Multi-State and Federal Issues