Accessing Decision Makers

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Accessing Decision Makers Within Government and Business

Accessing decision makers and key leadership members is a central component our team brings to client strategies. A government relations team is only as good as the relationships it has with elected officials. At TFG, we also serve as informative advisors to those in government. We assist with interests both in and outside of the legislative process, including campaigns and grassroots activities. We’re therefore able to maintain our position as political “insiders.” As a result, we can create opportunities to strengthen relationships with decision makers who play important public policy-making roles.

Because of our contacts at the highest level of government and business, we are also able to provide information, intelligence, support and advice. We consider it especially important that accessing decision makers enhances our clients’ positions. This ensures execution of successful government relations and business development strategies.

State of Florida Executive Branch

Florida House

Florida Senate

Federal Executive and Legislative Branches

Federal Agencies, Northeast Florida

Corporate Leaders Throughout the State of Florida

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