Capabilities of The Fiorentino Group

Highly Qualified with a Proven Track Record of Success

At TFG, the foundation of our approach with clients is to become an integral part of their government relations strategies. We assist each client with developing a plan of action tailored to their unique requirements. We then develop a methodical comprehensive government affairs strategy that is tracked, measured and continuously adjusted.

Our team essentially provides the necessary legislative tools. Then, we prepare the compelling messages needed to pursue our clients’ interests in the most powerful and effective manner. We work with clients on an ongoing basis, from concept to completion. As a result of our capabilities, clients meet their objectives with unprecedented success.

We provide numerous government relations
and business development services, including:

  • Lobbying for, or against, particular bills or amendments.
  • Assisting in securing prompt approval of grant applications filed with local and state agencies.
  • Assisting in securing permits and approvals that might be required from local and state agencies.
  • Shepherding appropriations items through all phases of the budget process.
  • Reviewing and reporting on proposed legislation.
  • Analyzing the potential impact of proposed legislation through the rule making and regulatory process.
  • Drafting proposed legislation and amendments.
  • Developing coalitions to build support for legislative and appropriations objectives.
  • Preparing “white papers” and talking points on substantive issues.
  • Testifying before state governmental entities, public hearings and legislative committees on behalf of clients.
  • Creating opportunities to strengthen relationships with the decision makers who play important policy-making roles affecting our clients.
  • Identifying commercial and industrial opportunities for business development clients early in the process.
  • Arranging strategic introductions to key decision makers before RFPs come out.
  • Assisting in creating the right message for RFP responses.

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