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Are you in the game or on the sidelines?

Experience, Communication and Performance

At TFG, we understand that success is based on performance. Our team has established a reputation for reliability and dependability and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge from corporate boardrooms to the political sidelines. Our extensive knowledge of how government works, ability to reach decision-makers and skill to craft and communicate the right message ensure our clients’ interests achieve positive, measurable results.

When it comes to issues affecting businesses throughout the state and beyond, the TFG team offers unmatched specialization and expertise. We benefit from close relationships with key decision-makers at all levels of government. Our team delivers a competitive advantage to clients because we are able to recognize and anticipate emerging issues and gauge the views of elected officials. It is because of our experience and expertise that we appreciate the unique positions of our clients and are committed to bringing our clients to the next level.

Our combined experience from years of involvement in local, state and national politics, as well as in the private sector, provides us with the relationships and expertise needed to design and recommend strategies to achieve our client’s government relations goals.

Developing a Winning Approach and Building a Platform for Success

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